Experts indicate that the biggest threat to a POS machine is hacking of important customer records and breaching of data. Conventionally they have been secured by installing security layer software like firewall and anti-virus system. However, protecting terminal points against vulnerability is a necessary, but not the sufficient system. Firstly, it needs constant monitoring and upgrade of the system. Secondly, it is not a foolproof method either. Since these machines are constantly under heavy usage, it is not possible to look at the safety aspects prominently.

POS machines are designed to handle large volumes, but there are situations when they are under extreme performance pressure, e.g. weekends or festive times. There is a greater security threat on such days. Since retailers can’t afford the business loss of a single minute because there are revenue implications of it. Therefore, system upgrades or security system enhancements put on hold, making these machines further vulnerable.

Also, it is a general observation that even the most advanced antivirus system also fails to recognize smartly written malware. Hackers other malicious computer experts take advantage of every possible opportunity of intruding into the system. They are always ahead of security systems.

What should be done to keep a POS machine intact?

Well, deploying a state-of-the-art and updated protective system is the only solution. A trustworthy system can prevent the threats and attacks up to the maximum extent. Even if it doesn’t guarantee a 100% security, an acceptable standard of 99.99% also brings reasonable security. According to IT stalwarts, installing a proactive system that works on the trust model is always better than the conventional ones that rely on scanning. It brings greater safety and enhances brand loyalty among customers with an uninterrupted performance. They also help in meeting the security compliance in a better way.

How to choose a state-of-the-art POS machine?

Broadly there are two categories of machines available. First one is suitable for retail business, and the other one serves hospitality market that is hotel and restaurant business. It is important to check it before giving an order. System security software compatible with a particular type may not work properly with another. Since the internal modules and functionalities are entirely different, an incorrect selection may cause immense trouble.

Modern POS systems come with high-end touch screen systems instead of old-fashioned screens. They are costlier than the traditional ones but greatly convenient. Moreover, these touch screens need less power, and they are lightweight and durable. The keyboard is given for manual entry of bar code. Also, some keyboards are supplied with an integrated card reader.

Integrated barcode readers bring further convenience to the operators because they make the billing process quite easy. Handheld or fixed barcode readers can be attached to the POS machines with a wired or wireless connectivity. Surely, it adds cost to the system, but the convenience and productivity improvement offset it. It is required that multiple options are checked and compared before finalizing a POS machine. System security should get the precedence before you finalize a model.