Electronic Cash Register

When you want to record and process your billing transactions, electronic cash register from VertexComsysPvt.Ltd is a natural choice. Ours are a low-cost, feature rich model designed in keeping with the current and future needs of your business. Record keeping now becomes easy and accurate and you remain on top of your finances. Tracker Pro is easy to use and its design are customized to specifically suit the billing requirements of Restaurants and Retail Businesses. Small and compact, it boasts of a professional appearance that fits right in upon the billing table in your establishment.

Features & functions

Our digital cash register offers quiet and reliable operations for meeting various business goals. It comes with all the features and tools that make billing an effortless process. Comfortable to operate and hold it can generate multiple reports throughout the day. This includes billing report, inventory report, and item wise report, besides other types as well. What's more, it comes with two printers - one is inbuilt thermal printer with a 3” upgrade possibility and the other external. An USB port is present as well.Copy the reports that you want in your pen drive and view them in readable MS Excel file in your laptop, computer, or any other digital devise as required. We have incorporated the latest technologies in Tracker Pro to minimize hassles and ensure smooth operations. Businesses can make the most of its in-built memory that includes 48 keys – 24 among these being the hot keys. Vertex electronic cash register comes with a TFT graphic display large enough for effortless viewing of on-screen data. It comes with a highly efficient battery capable of giving 10-hour continuous operations with 1000 billing prints on an average. You can enjoy fantastic usability features with login 10 user capabilities in this electronic device.

Upon use, it displays item names along with the associated rates in the Excel sheet. You can select the required items by inserting or choosing codes and searching these with specific terms. It also offers multi-language support so that you can select any item that you want and print them in the language of your choice. The register has 100 tables and up to 50 unbilled products related to every table. Bills generated with Tracker Pro come tagged with waiter names too. For the managers of hospitality establishments this signifies detailed cash deal information within hands reach.

A FREE WINDOWS APPLICATION (TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE) is provided to send to and receive data from TRACKER PRO.

TRACKER DATA EXCHANGE (TDE) can read to and write from a database like SQL SERVER/MYSQL.This helps to seamlessly connect the machine to an ERP or Accounting System. TDE also has inbuilt features to generate many reports and can be used as an independent application in the absence ofother ERP or accounting systems.