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DPU Data processing unit

Tracker Plus Hand Held Terminals

The world is moving with awesome speed and one should have enough supporting gadgets that are simple to handle to help out day to day operations. It is in fact, need of the modern day, where everything is expected to be automated, having enough speed and accuracy. Accuracy and continuity are very important functions in all data processing units. Take for example in dairies, one of the essential services where a lot of transactions are carried out daily.

The company is a well known Milk Collection DPU Manufacturers. To manufacture any DPU Data Processing Unit, it is necessary to understand the depth of the transaction to make the unit completely compatible for the concerned industrial use, or commercial use. The utility of the product is dependent completely on its inbuilt features. The Vertex DPU consists of all those essential features which can be expected in a diary with perfection. The usage of this product can save enormous time and energy of the company and it will save the personnel engagement. The dairy management can invest their time and employees in any other useful industry.

Features of milk collection Data Processing Unit (DPU): The Vertex has produced very good versatile Milk Collection DPU with an in-depth understanding in the diary process. The working style of this DPU exhibits that Milk Collection DPU Manufacturers have deep knowledge over the diary process. Therefore, it is necessary for the benefit of the user to know entire features concerned with diary process. It provides a powerful and efficient solution for the transaction executed in a diary. A comprehensive set of functions has been created by the manufacturers like, milk collection record, providing efficient interfacing between milk analyzers and milk collection points. Significantly enough, in spite of all these features, the machine is not bulkier or heavier, it is a portable machine with gigantic working efficiency.

  • What you can do with the machine is as follows
  • It can save details up to 500 members
  • Provision is provided for the three rate format based on FAT, FAT+SNF, TS (total solids) in an excel format
  • Input data provision by using pen drive is provided
  • Morning data and evening data entry has got separate provisions, due to this provision there will be no confusion.
  • Seamless, single phase entries are possible that allows time recording and information display on the display panel.
  • Provision to select a regional language with printing option
  • One can add an external printer if they want to have a large format of representation for the data
  • Every account is monitored separately, therefore there is no room for confusion
  • The most versatile part of this data processing unit is one can generate reports that include, loans, cattle feed supply data sheet, and all other items purchased by members can be recorded easily.

All the above features made this milk collection DPU as a unique product.